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SEND Strategy

25th February 2021

SEND Strategy Opportunity – David Bartram OBE is delivering a training session for LEARN TSA on 10th March 2021 1pm-3.30pm. The SEND Strategy Opportunity will establish your vision and ensure that strategic planning for SEND is proactive and focused on securing excellent outcomes for learners with SEND. Please see the attached  flyer SEND Strategy 10th March 2021 for more information and booking details.

Preparation for Adulthood

09th February 2021

We are delighted to share with you the training video Preparation for Adulthood produced by Helen Burgess, Preparation for Adulthood Manager, Sheffield City Council and Cheryl Gaughan, Talbot Specialist School and Fusion SEND Hub. This will aid secondary schools and post 16 providers with the information and resources to take forward an annual review with the new PFA paperwork, focusing on a person centred approach.  The…

Sheffield’s Speech & Language Therapy Team – Videos for Parents

07th January 2021

Sheffield’s Children’s NHS Foundation Trust Speech and Language Therapy Team have over the past year, created videos for parents/carers with ideas for supporting communication and interaction at home.  There are a wide range of strategies covered, for a range of communication needs.  There are over 30 videos, including strategies to promote early communication and interaction for children who are pre-verbal, using ‘first…then…’, emotion coaching, speech…

Developing Handwriting Skills

18th December 2020

                      Read ‘Where is the Pen?! Nurturing Handwriting Through Play‘ to find out more about the importance of play in developing children’s skills.  

Wellbeing Christmas card to all our schools

14th December 2020

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our school colleagues who have welcomed us into schools over the last term.  We know how challenging the return to full time education has been for everyone but especially for you, so we have gathered a few helpful website links to support your wellbeing (just click on the link to download).  We hope they are…

Christmas resources

01st December 2020

There are lots of wonderful Christmas resources and activities to use both in school and at home.  Here’s just a few – click on the links and have fun with these Christmas activities!   Singing Hands UK – Let Suzanne and Tracey introduce you to the amazing world of signing with Makaton through music.   Widgit Software has lots of free resources you can download…

DLD Awareness Day

16th October 2020

Help us to raise awareness of Developmental Language Disorders. It is national DLD awareness day on Friday 16th October and we hope that you find these resources and videos useful. In this video you will learn what DLD is and how to help recognise and support children who have Developmental Language Disorder. This video helps us to understand the impact of having DLD may have…

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