Fusion S2S Service

Our Fusion S2S Service is a team of Specialist Teachers in SEND who support primary and secondary schools, pupils and families.  Our Consultant Teachers in SEND are exceptionally qualified and experienced professionals who bring a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding to supporting children’s learning.  We offer a flexible and responsive service to support SEND within a variety of settings including schools, families of schools, localities and MATsWe can support/hold initial planning meetings with SENCos/Inclusion Managers to agree the range of work to be carried out through the year, review the impact/progress in the final term, which will then inform next year’s action plan. Our Team can focus on individual children with learning difficultieswhich could involve carrying out a range of assessments, observing in the classroom and working alongside adults who support the child. We also offer support to school management teams in their work on raising the attainment of groups of pupils, on developing inclusive practices and in responding to national and local developments. 

 Some of the things we do… 

  • Detailed individual pupil assessments with in-depth written reports 
  • Briefer assessment of individual pupils, with verbal and/or short written notes 
  • Individual pupil observations 
  • Observations of pupils with SEND within the whole class, and feedback to teachers 
  • Discussing pupil needs and assessments with parents 
  • Parent workshops and/or drop-ins around SEND 
  • Staff training on SEND (twilights, staff meeting INSETs) 
  • Role-specific training for TAs 
  • Role-specific training for NQTS/RQTs 
  • Role-specific training for class teachers 
  • Drop-in advice ‘SEND surgeries’ for different staff 
  • Review meetings, including EHCP support 
  • 1:1 discussion/support time with SENCOs including moderation of SSGe 
  • Training across MATs, Trusts, Family of Schools, Localities and groups of schools 
  • Modelling strategies to staff – both in and out of the classroom 
  • 1:1 coaching for identified members of staff, around building capacity for SEND children 
  • Learning walks and written feedback/advice 
  • SEND reviews 

 Some of the training we deliver… 

  • Dyslexia 
  • Autism 
  • Dyscalculia 
  • Behaviour support 
  • Moving and handling 
  • Motor skills 
  • Social stories 
  • ADHD 
  • Cued articulation 
  • Working memory 
  • Differentiation 
  • Developing independence  
  • Using signs and symbols (Makaton, PECS, etc) 
  • Literacy skills for SEND children (e.g. writing, reading, FFT, etc) 
  • Reading Comprehension – Inference 
  • Dysgraphia 
  • Visual stress 
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Sensory Circuits 
  • Emotional Literacy 
  • Clicker 7 support 

School to school support is delivered through a clearly communicated core offer to schools. This appears on the Sheffield Local Authority Services to Schools website, where Sheffield schools and Academies can purchase LA services.

Non Sheffield schools, or those not wishing to access this support via this portal, can contact Fusion SEND Hub direct and contract support days, enquiries@fusiontsa.co.uk

Schools request the type of support needed and the anticipated number of days.

A personalised planning meeting takes place to detail the school priority focus for input, style of delivery and impact criteria.

To ensure evolving needs are met, a range of specialist practitioners are also secured on an “as and when needed” basis.


The current charges for Fusion S2S is £265 per half day visit.  For more information about how to access and subscribe to our Service, please contact enquiries@fusiontsa.co.uk

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