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Our Vision…
To promote inclusive practice within all schools, which maximises the attainment, participation and well-being of pupils with and without SEND.

Theresa Humphreys

Cheryl Gaughan


Carolyn Sutcliffe

Fusion TSA is committed to working with schools to:

  • Promote and support pupil centred approaches
  • Improve pupil’s life chances and outcomes for all
  • Build secure foundations for life-long learning
  • Improve teaching and learning through strong collaboration
  • Promote a climate of positivity with regards to meeting needs
  • Embed multi-agency collaboration
  • Drive forward Outstanding achievement


Since becoming Sheffield’s first specialist school for Cognition and Learning in 2008, Talbot Specialist School has continued to thrive as a Centre of Excellence, becoming a Leadership and Innovation Hub in 2011 and a Teaching School in 2013. The school has a strong “outward face” and historically has developed and promoted partnership’s to improve outcomes.

We are driven by a strong moral purpose where ALL pupil’s achievements are the concern of us all, regardless of where they learn or the nature of their learning needs. We believe that all pupils have a right to reach their full potential through access to Quality First teaching, high quality and timely professional development and an ethos which celebrates individual achievement through partnership.

We believe in:

“Achievement through Partnership”

To achieve this, we promote a shared vision for excellence which celebrates difference and diversity. We believe that we share a collective responsibility for the achievements of individual pupils, doing whatever it takes to make a difference to each one.

The national SEND agenda highlights the growing need for greater capacity within all schools to address individual needs. Greater emphasis now more than ever, is placed on formal collaborative practice and for a school lead, strategic response, to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable pupils in our schools.

Fundamentally, this culture shift will we believe, lead to system change, enabling specialist schools to focus on those pupils with the most complex needs, whilst supporting mainstream schools to increase their confidence and capacity to lead the learning of pupils with a broader range of need.

Fusion TSA can offer the kind of practical support and influence which will shape provision within individual schools for the benefit of pupils, ensuring that meeting individual needs remains central in the drive towards excellence.

Fusion TSA has established strong foundations on which to build effective and sustainable support to schools, by delivering a range of conferences and workshops at which professional debate can been stimulated.

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